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ATI TEAS Entrance Test Information

Prior to taking the ATI TEAS nursing Entrance Exam, you will want to read the following article.


The exam tests your knowledge based on high school-level material. Using the link below, you will learn more about the exam and explore different prep materials made available by ATI. We highly recommend preparing for this exam whether you choose to use ATI prep products or other resources you find. Your Teas Exam score is not the single determining factor for admission, but it is a significant component of the process. 

VCTC’s PN cut score for the TEAS Exam is 56.0%. Applicants may repeat the TEAS exam 30 days after the first attempt, time permitting. The higher of the two scores will be used for the application process. Applicants may register for the VCTC TEAS Exam dates through this link

Available dates and times for TEAS testing at VCTC are:

  • Thursday, April 11th at 12:00 PM (this is the FINAL test date)

*Applicants may register on ATI’s site to take the TEAS exam at a different facility if they choose to do so. For those who have previously taken the ATI TEAS exam, VCTC will accept TEAS Exam results from exams taken within the previous 12 months based on the date of application to the program. For example, if a candidate applies to the program on March 1, 2024, we will accept TEAS Exam results from between March 1, 2023 & February 29, 2024.