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Diesel Equipment Technology


Students receive basic instruction in general maintenance of medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks and equipment. They learn and apply theory to operation of diesel engines, brakes, suspension and steering systems, and electrical/electronic systems. Students are also instructed in preventive maintenance and inspection procedures.

Course Content

· Power tools & equipment, precision measuring tools

· Diesel engine fundamentals,        construction and engine diagnosis

· Engine removal and reinstallation

· Cylinder head  and valve repair

· Cooling system, oil system          operation and diagnosis, exhaust and turbo systems repair, fuel supply operations, electronic fuel           management

· Brakes operations and adjustments

· Electrical/electronic systems theory, testing and repair

· Battery and starting systems, charging systems, lighting systems, gauges and warning devices

· Hydraulic and vacuum systems

· ABS and traction control systems

· Wheel bearings brakes, suspension and steering, drive train

Course Details

Diesel Equipment Technology I (Year 1)

Diesel Equipment Technology II (Year 2)

GRADE  11, 12

Course Length: 2 years

Industry Credentials Offered

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Student Certification

(T2) Diesel Engines

(T4) Brakes

(T5) Steering and Suspension

(T6) Electrical/Electrical Systems

(T8) Inspection Maintenance and Minor Repair

Options After HS


Bus, Truck or Diesel Mechanic , Heavy Truck Maintenance & Repair Technician,  Truck Driving , Agriculture Mechanic

Local Employers: McKee, James River Equipment, Beverage Tractor, EXCEL Truck Group, Mint Spring Equipment, Staunton Tractor, Rish Equipment, Co., Truck Enterprises, Lawrence Equipment

Career Certificate/ Associate Degree (2 yr) program

BRCC—Commercial Driver’s License, Automotive Analysis and Repair, Aviation Maintenance Technology 

Universal Technical Institute – Specialized Diesel Programs

Bachelor’s /Post Baccalaureate Degree (4 yr+) majors

Mechanical Engineering , Mechanical Design, Business

Instructor Contact Information

Name: David Rost

Email: [email protected]

School: 540-245-5002
Fax:  540-885-0407