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The Dental Careers program allows students to prepare to enter into one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation. In this one-year program, students will obtain a Dental Career’s Certificate of completion when they finish and pass the course, which will enable them to obtain an entry-level position in a dental practice.

Using a hands-on approach along with dental theory, students will learn seating and positioning of patients, oral evaluation procedures, basic tray set-ups, passing of dental instruments, dental sterilization, taking, pouring, and trimming alginate impressions, coronal polishing procedures and radiology theory.

Students will receive training in First Aid and CPR as well. Students will also have the opportunity to become X-Ray certified through VCU or DANB RHS and able to take dental x-rays in Virginia. 

Course Content

· Oral anatomy and physiology

· Tooth morphology

· Infection control & sterilization

· Managing hazardous chemical and waste material

· Pharmacology

· Preventive dentistry

· Radiographic procedures and        radiology theory

· Operative and laboratory procedures

· Seating/positioning of patients, tray set-ups

· Taking, pouring, and trimming        alginate impressions

· Coronal polishing

· Ethics and law

Course Details

Dental Careers I  (Semester 1)

Dental Careers II (Semester 2)

GRADE  11, 12

Course Length: 1 year

Industry Credentials Offered

NOCTI—Dental Assisting Assessment

Dental Radiation & Safety Certificate

Options After HS



Dental Receptionist, Dental Assistant

Local Employers:  Area dentist offices

Career Certificate/ Associate Degree (2 yr) program

Dental Hygienist (Virginia Western CC), Radiologic Technology (BRCC)

Medical Coding (BRCC)

Bachelor’s /Post Baccalaureate Degree (4 yr+) majors

Dentistry, Dental Surgery, Dental Hygienist, Pre– medical studies, Any health study

Instructor Contact Information

Name: Karen Moore

Email: [email protected]

School: 540-245-5002
Fax:  540-885-0407