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Medical Assistant


A medical assistant is critically important to the smooth operation of a doctor’s office, hospital or medical clinic, and his or her duties are split between administrative and clinical responsibilities.

Students gain foundational knowledge in
basic anatomy and physiology, medical
ethics, medical asepsis, terminology,
medical mathematics, and legal
responsibilities. Students also develop
basic skills and techniques to assist the
healthcare provider and/or other medical
professionals in patient examinations,
basic emergency care, simple laboratory
tests, and administrative duties.

Course Content

· Basic structure of body systems

· Signs & symptoms of common disorders

· Prepare treatment/exam room

· Conduct patient triage

· Assist in  physical exam

· Maintain sterile instruments and  manage infection control

· Medical office  functions with patient scheduling and transcription

· Managing financial transactions

Course Details

Medical Assistant 1 (Year 1)

Medical Assistant 2 (Year 2)

Course Length: 2 years

GRADE  11, 12

Industry Credentials Offered

Certified  Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) Examination (NHA)

Options After HS


Medical Assistant, Medical Front Office Assistant, Materials Manager, Medical Transcriptionist, Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Medical, Records Processing Assistant

Local Employers:  Augusta Health, UVA Health Services, Sentara, local physicians offices

Career Certificate/ Associate Degree (2 yr) program

BRCC—Emergency Medical Services, Paramedic—C,  Medical Coding, Nursing, Pre-respiratory therapy

Bachelor’s /Post Baccalaureate Degree (4 yr+) majors

Any health career profession

Instructor Contact Inormation

Name: Michelle Plogger

Email: [email protected]

School: 540-245-5002

Fax: 540-885-0407