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The Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition and Refrigeration (HVACR) program is a two-year course designed to teach students the basic skills and technical knowledge necessary to gain employment in the HVAC area. These skills include installing, troubleshooting, and repairing air-conditioning equipment, ductwork, heat pumps, and furnaces. In addition, students will learn to maintain and service HVAC equipment and the theory of design for the equipment. 

Course Content

· Tools and basic safety

· Basic electricity and controls

· Duct building and design

· Pipe fitting and plumbing

· Sheet metal fitting

· Disassemble evaporators,            condensers, compressors, and       expansion devices

· Install and troubleshoot room air conditioners

· Wire and troubleshoot thermostats and safeties

· Install and troubleshoot electric heat pump, gas heat and hydronic heat

· Equipment installation

Course Details

HVACR I (Year 1)

HVACR II (Year 2)

GRADE  11, 12

Course Length: 2 years

Industry Credentials Offered


· CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) Certification

Options After HS


Sheet metal worker, Heating and air conditioning technician, Energy auditor, Refrigeration mechanic

Local Employers:  Noland Supply Company, Vailes Home Improvement, Valley Air, Riddleberger Brothers, Aireco Supply

Career Certificate/ Associate Degree (2 yr) program

BRCC—Computer Aided Drafting

Bachelor’s /Post Baccalaureate Degree (4 yr+) majors

Architecture, Construction Engineering, Construction Management, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Instructor Contact Information

Name: Doug Smith

Email: [email protected]

School: 540-245-5002
Fax:  540-885-0407