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Culinary Arts


This course will provide students with a foundational understanding of the food service industry and opportunities to build technical skills in food preparation and service.  Students will develop the culinary knowledge and practical skills needed to be career-ready for entry-level culinary positions and/or pursue further culinary education.

Course Content

· Kitchen basics and safety

· Safe food handling

· Baking

· Knife Skills

· Cooking—eggs, chicken, sauces, soups, salads, sandwiches, meat, fish seafood, advanced pastries, bread

· International Cuisines

· Nutrition

· Menu Writing

· Catering

· Costing

· Marketing for food business

· Restaurant operations and           management

Course Details

Culinary Arts I (Year 1)

Culinary Arts II (Year 2)

GRADE  10, 11, 12

Course Length: 2 years

Industry Credentials Offered

ServSafe Food Handler’s Certification

ServSafe  Manager’s Certification

Options After HS


Server, caterer, cook

Local Employers: Local Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels, Vineyards/Breweries

Career Certificate/ Associate Degree (2 yr) program

BRCC/Dabney Lancaster CC—Culinary Arts

Art Institute at Virginia Beach—Baking & Pastry, Culinary Arts

Culinary Institute of America—Baking & Pastry, Culinary Arts, Culinary Science

Bachelor’s /Post Baccalaureate Degree (4 yr+) majors

Family & Consumer Sciences, Food Science & Technology, Hospitality & Tourism Management,  Business Management, Nutrition, Public Health

Instructor Contact Information

Name: Joe Wilkins

Email: [email protected]

School: 540-245-5002
Fax:  540-885-0407